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Frankly I’m only mildly surprised at the kerfuffle over some of the social media outpourings around the London 2012 Olympics. Isn’t this simply the macro version of the day-to-day indulgences of the truly unwise who ignore the need to measure their words and think twice before putting  their often outrageous views out there in the blogosphere, twitterverse or on some other social media platform? Aren’t the “crazed fans” simply a global version of the online bullies who continue to trash and demean their “friends” ,frequently with grim consequences?  As for the racist comments – there are two issues here: 1) it’s wrong and 2) how dumb are these people who not only feel justified in their backwoods opinions, but also believe it’s their right to publicly air them?  Did they think we’d put it down to overly zealous Olympic rivalry, agree with them, or worse, choose to ignore them? Great post, Ms. Freeman – thanks for the heads up to use the good, the bad and the ugly of Olympic social media to inform our own social media practice and that of our clients!   

2 years, 8 months ago on Social Media: The New Olympic Sport