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I HATE that a star can miss such a crucial amount of time for an injury and the guy who hit him only has to sit 3 games!

If you injure via head shot you should be out as long as the player you injured.

1 year, 6 months ago on Nash Likely Out a Week; Stuart Suspended Three Games


@knm05Is Nash still banged up? His first impressions this season were all power moves and speed to the net. His moves since he was out with the not-cussion don't have that same umph. In this series in particular, caps have been bringing the pain to Nasher too.

1 year, 11 months ago on Rangers 4, Capitals 3


 @AG_Blue Yeah I saw that, deceiving stat though.

Consider Richie and Hags are tied and Brassard's totals in that stat (3g) are only counting his time with NYR. Zucc and Clowe have 3g each and have been here about 1/3 the time of Pyatt.


If you look at points (Pyatt has 9) - here are the players who have been here most the season who have less. Boyle, Emmy, Asham, Stralman, Powe. Plus Pyatt has played 45 games. Of that list Boyle is the nest highest with 38 games.


His 5th in goals stat - its like how Gabby was 3rd on our team in goals. And beyond points, Pyatt does not use his size or any kind of energy to tilt the ice. There is an even keel, but passionless lumbering to his play. I think as a depth replacement, his play accentuates the wide gap between this and last year's grinding guys.


1 year, 12 months ago on The Demise of Taylor Pyatt Has Been Greatly Exaggerated


Pyatt is my least favorite player on the team (Asham is 2nd). He is slower than a continental shift, is big but doesn't have bite and he can't score. I think my gf wants him off the team worse than I do cause she's tired of hearing me yell at the TV every time I see him out there.


You'll remember Asham potted a decent snipe last month - big whoop. Crickets since and I imagine a similar scenario here for Pyatt. Don't get me wrong, I want every player to play well headed down the stretch here - but this guy has been pretty useless.


We want goals, grit and momentum - Pyatt doesn't bring any of those.

1 year, 12 months ago on The Demise of Taylor Pyatt Has Been Greatly Exaggerated


 @PenaltySh0t  @nyrfan747 I play a lot of EASHL in NHL 13 and I play D. One thing the simulation taught me is that forwards can screw up multiple times a game and things can still turn out alright. A D Man makes one mistake and it can come at the cost of a goal.


That being said here's to Moore / McIlrath 5/6 pair next season!

1 year, 12 months ago on Rangers 6, Panthers 1


 @BigBrian1226 Pyatt is soooo much worse though. That guy is useless. Size with no bite. Doesn't score. Doesn't fight. I think my gf is tired of hearing me curse at my TV every time he hits the ice.

1 year, 12 months ago on Rangers 6, Panthers 1


Who is more useless Asham or Pyatt? Kinda anxious to get this Dorsett guy back and see what he can do.

2 years ago on Maple Leafs 4, Rangers 3


 @Josh6 Same here. I didn't even watch the MTL game. I had it recorded, checked the score and never turned it on. If the players are giving up on their system and their teammates then why should I live and die by how miserably they're failing. Suck it up and play, even if the room is divided, they're gonna piss away their season over it? If we don't get 2 of the next 3 wins I think they're toast.

2 years ago on Rangers Stand By Torts After Avery Tweet


Would anyone be surprised to see Feds come back next season?

Get him back and add another good grinder and how far away are we?

Granted, I think the key guys lost are Prust and then Dubi - but there has to be a UFA out there for next season who can play like either of those guys.

Boyle's role with this team is becoming more and more 4th line, not 3rd.

I don't think things are in too bad of shape.


Gabby and Ritchie put up Nash / Cally numbers and we win twice as many games.


Oh and Kevin, Slats needs to get those naked photos of Shero and Bettman in their Vegas suite from last year's NHL awards to Lemieux in hopes he'll fire him before he makes another trade.

2 years ago on Audio: Torts Admits Rangers Miscalculated Impact of Losing Grinders


After Dolan made his "Cup comments" last season. Torts tempered saying he still didn't believe the team was ready. Then he said, he thought the same thing in Tampa even during the season that they won.


I don't buy the advanced stats. The Rangers are losing important games to easy teams. Stars are slumping. Depth can't make up for that. Coach wants to win with the cards he had in the last hand and there's so much pressure with shortened season and last years accomplishments.


What Kevin says is the key for me though. The intangibles. How many nights is Cally gonna leave it all out there, score the team's only goal etc - before the rest of the guys start to bring the relentless passion that provides the wins which build the confidence that any successful team needs?

2 years, 1 month ago on Maybe This Is How Good the Rangers Really Are


I am against trading him.


That being said you give me a consistent 20 goal scorer and a bad ass D man who doesn't cost too much - opening up 7.5 million for next year... There are some good UFAs this season, plus we have people to sign.


Another thought would be trying to move him in the off season. Any chance you guys think we could get a high 1st round pick for him?


Also - why does everyone wanna trade Gabby and no one is calling for Richie's head? He doesn't grind either, he sure as hell doesn't score. Just cause him and Torts are boys he's safe? What happened to buying him out?


I think its a team issue. Lack of the swagger from last year. Its affecting a lot of guys throughout the lineup. I've always been a huge supporter of Torts. But your team needs to buy in, show up and play to their abilities.

2 years, 1 month ago on Can't Get Worse For Gaborik Who Is Available for a Trade


 @smn209 Look at the past he scored 40 something - then 20 something - then 40 and still has a shot to turn his season around and come close to 20 this season.

2 years, 1 month ago on Can't Get Worse For Gaborik Who Is Available for a Trade


No thanks. Keep that roster spot open and see what's shakin at the deadline.


Gotta figure Kreider gets another crack closer to playoffs.


Zucc is not better than any one of our top 6 and he doesn't bring the grit / energy factor that our lower lines have.


Would rather look for a good combo of secondary scoring and "jam" to bolster the bottom of our lineup than have to choose one and sacrifice the other.

2 years, 1 month ago on Zuccarello in Daily Contact With Rangers


 @BrendyJohnson Twice waived in less than a month and a coach who's publicly repeated that the player is out of shape. Probably clears waivers and sits in the AHL with his 3.5 million cap hit.

2 years, 1 month ago on Asham With Team; Hamrlik Not Sent to Whale; Same Line-up


Gabby is a timid player. With all the injuries he's been through - it looks like he's making a conscious effort to avoid hits and not put himself in tough situations.


Last year was where he started to turn it around. Throwing hits, sticking in along the boards. He ended the season with the lacerated shoulder and now he's back to taking the easy way out of most every play.


He will find his game eventually and when he does, he's a guy you'll want on your team.

2 years, 1 month ago on More Gaborik for Depth Rumors


When you look at Nash, the impact he has and his skill - how his team responds and wants to play better when they see him going - have to start to wonder is he deserves a letter on his sweater for inspiring not just his line mates but his team, the fans - even Sam and Joe were stunned on that toe drag play last night.


At this point I think he deserves an A.

2 years, 1 month ago on Rangers 4, Lightning 1


Problem is after that no one with a blue sweater even made an attempt to match that display. The team needs to come out, each and every one of them, and play at least half as hard as that (with sticks no less). But there was no response. Why are we complaining about lack of toughness? Why would someone on this team wanna get pummeled in the face when their team won't rally or respond? It wasn't as miserable a game as others in this losing streak but it showed the difference between a decent effort and a W.



2 years, 1 month ago on Ryan Callahan Is An Absolute Eff'n Beast


Richards does not look like an elite player out there. No speed, no play-making, he isn't shooting. We go up against OTT and I see rookies on their team I've never heard of making better looking plays with more speed, style and urgency (not to mention they lead to goals or scoring chances).


He's a veteran, a leader and supposed high hockey IQ. Gotta be the guy who helps turn this team's offense around. He's not gonna do the grit job so he needs to help take care of the offense or, yeah, I'd seriously consider buying him out over the summer.


As for Gabby, he's always been a wimp. Avoiding checks and weak on the boards in the offensive zone since he got here. I forgive him, as long as he is producing. He's not producing. Last season was Gabby's season with the most toughness to it. I'd see him throw checks and work hard.


I have no problem with Nash, he creates chances, inspires play in his teammates. In fact I'd put that A on his sweater instead. Just praying he gets back sooner like Powe and not later like Staal (because yes, he has a concussion).

2 years, 1 month ago on Where's The Offense?


There's no desperation or intensity. Look, lets be honest, we lost a fistful of heart and soul players who were a huge part of creating our identity. Its Step, Hags, Boyle - the guys who were here last season who need to step up and be leaders on this team. They need to find a way to carry on the same way and show the rest of the squad what that identity really was / is.


The swagger is going up against a team like the Pens and knowing you've got the better goalie, you've got the better D. Gotta go out and be ready to annihilate teams. Walk in with that mindset and put the pressure on.


We go in and play these teams and we do play timid, like we're playing to what that opponent is on paper, we look scared, its true. And we expect that what we are on paper is just gonna win the game for us. You have to live up to your reputation every night both as a player and as a team.

2 years, 2 months ago on Video: Torts, Players on What's Gone Wrong


I'd rather see an 8 skating around than a 17. Kinda glad to see Rupp go for that. I'd see him and for a split second be like "Oh! Dubi's back. Except why does it look he's skating through sand?"

2 years, 2 months ago on Tying Up Loose Ends from Yesterday's Trade & Recalls


 @fushone  @Herman_NYRBlog Also, working stiffs like us aren't holding out from doing our jobs because we don't like the terms of what our employers are offering us. We aren't depriving clients / consumers of our services or goods and we're not looking for sympathy from those less fortunate either. We're making do (with much much less than NHLPA). I support the players over owners, signing contracts in bad faith is deplorable - but would I rather see players have to negotiate a lifestyle at 7.5 times my yearly salary as opposed to 9.5 than have no hockey? Yes. Duh.



2 years, 5 months ago on The Reality Of The Average NHL Salary


A 1 year contract at $550,000 nets a player over 9.5 times what I would make in that same year.


You watch 24/7 and you see guys like Eminger, Christensen and Boyle all driving expensive cars, wearing designer clothes and buying dinners at 5 star restaurants.


I have always said that as far as athleticism and toll on the body goes, Hockey requires more than most sports to play. Hockey requires more skill than is needed for a non-capped sport like Baseball where players can get away playing with bulging guts. If you have the talent, hockey rewards you. There is risk too, but its a known risk.


I still take the fan's side in the lockout. If I had to choose between players and owners I obviously want to see the players come out with an edge but I cannot feel bad for them. They are taking earnings from a pool of record revenues in a time where many people are struggling. If they lived within the means that most fans do a few years at $550,000 could last nearly a lifetime.

2 years, 5 months ago on The Reality Of The Average NHL Salary


How does Daly not understand that there are only about 32 people including himself, who are insane enough to think that any of the NHL's proposals were even half decent?


Its getting to the point where its not just bad blood between the players and owners, I feel a personal hatred developing towards NHL.


At this point I just want to know the season is cancelled so I can stop paying for cable because unlike both sides I am struggling to scrape by and one of the few luxuries I invest is an $90 per month sink hole with no effin Rangers on.

2 years, 5 months ago on NHL Done Making Proposals


Great letter.


I just think that the Rangers chance to win it all would be the last thing to motivate Bettman to get to work on a compromise for the CBA.


From the Rangers suing the league, to fines to Torts for calling out NBC, refs and bashing the Pens, Hagelin's unfair suspension...


I personally feel like the Rangers are on Bettman's shit list. I don't think he has any love for our team or desire to see them succeed.

2 years, 6 months ago on An Open Letter to Gary Bettman


 @NH_NYR_88 Amazon is comparable to Gamestop. Both give you equipment which I believe has boosts. Amazon will give cash back. Gamestop you can grab at midnight if you're into that. No one else really has a tempting offer unless you're into the Ultimate Team Pack thing, there is a retailer giving you several of those free (forget who).

2 years, 8 months ago on NHL 13 Demo Released Today | August


Super stoked for this. I'm all over the GM connected mode. Also a huge fan of EASHL Club & OTP play, tho my club team is sorta Mighty Ducks style. Went from getting stomped early on to finally being able to compete.

2 years, 8 months ago on NHL 13 Demo Released Today | August


I don't understand how the 2 sides wait this long to get the ball rolling. Could just be my ignorance, but doesn't this seem like something that should have begun being looked at / worked on a long time ago considering it takes about a month for one counter offer.


The NBA managed to get their season in last year, though the playoffs were a bit later.


How's the ice gonna hold up @ MSG come July?

2 years, 8 months ago on Conversation @


The end of last season was really rough. I am always dejected as I'm sure the players are too. But some time goes by and they pick themselves back up & prepare for another season.


I sorta figured the "maybe for good" wasn't gonna stick. Kevin is after all, a Rangers fan. A team that does not roll over and pack it in when things get tough.


Glad you're back. I visit everyday. That means all summer long. Sincere thanks for the hard work and passion to all three of you. Here's to a hell of a season we've got in store.


2 years, 8 months ago on Why The New York Rangers Blog Is Back | August