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I'm sorry that it can get so hard. Have a rest and recharge your batteries. We all get down and need to rest. You will always try to do the right thing because that's how you are. Once you know something in your bones you cannot unknow it.


And there is a point and we have to keep going at doing the right thing. It makes a difference. Because of your blog I am aware of all the plastic rubbish my husband throws on the ground at my farm. He thought it biodegraded. I know better now, thanks to reading your blog, and I stop him and I clean up and am cleaning up and I work at not getting any more plastic. I go to the supermarket with my reusable container and get my chicken and fish put directly into the container (no waste no plastic). I got written permission from the manager and the staff know me as result and are ok with it. The staff even appreciate that I don't take plastic bags.


There are times when we all need a good cry...


2 years, 4 months ago on The End of the World is Coming and I'm Still not Buying New Plastic


Thanks for sharing this. Irresponsible mineral and energy development is all the go in West Australia and you put it so well.

2 years, 8 months ago on What's Plastic Got to Do with Clean Air?