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Rooted both androids i have had. The Dell Streak and now the Samsung Galaxy Note. Was using an iphone 3gs, iPhone 3g before and before that the first iphone. i can honestly say i was an iphone fanboy buying a new iphone every year and also jailbroke all my iphones. Made the switch to android in november of 2010 and got the dell streak 5 and cant believe i even owned an iphone  haha. had the dell streak for a year and it was on froyo 2.2. there were no plans on att for upgrading to 2.3 so i took matters in my own hands. rooted it and put a custom gingerbread rom on. the custom rom got me through another year with the dell streak making it last for the whole 2 year contract. i then upgraded to the galaxy note, rooted and put the official CM9 on. The dell streak was the only phone i owned and lasted through the whole 2 year contract. Im sure the galaxy note will last the whole 2 years also. ANDROID FTW!!! :)

2 years, 8 months ago on Editorial: Rooting Can Save You Money, If You Know What You're Doing