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Move the team to Santa Cruz or Morgan Hill. If the team is moved to Morgan Hill that's still a short drive from the San Jose. Santa Cruz has a successful NBA-D League basketball. team. I don't think Santa Cruz has ever had a minor league baseball team, at least not one I could find on the Internet. 

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I'm happy the Giants signed Posey. But 8-9 years is a bit iffy. We all know catchers decline faster than other players. I guess the is the price teams have to pay to sign their best players, lock up their decline years as well.  

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I've liked Bond as well for a long time. His main "road block" is that he is not a "proven veteran" and Sabean/Bochy LOVE their "proven veterans"! Every time Sabean signs an aging, declining player he uses at least on of the following "Sabean-isms" in a pres conference. 

Professional hitter- a hitter who hits .275-.300 but doesn't draw walks or hit for power. They usually have an OBP under .340 and a slugging percentage about .400. Freddy Sanchez is the quintessential "professional hitter". 
Proven Veteran- a ballplayer that has been in the majors for years but has never been a productive regular.

A Winner- A "Proven Veteran" who has played on many playoff teams but was never a major contributor to those playoff teams.

Clubhouse Leader- A vocal rah-rah type "Proven Veteran". Think Mickey Hatcher back in the day. 

The Gamer!™- A ballplayer who hustles and gets his uniform dirty but can't hit, field, or run particularly well. Think Eric Byrnes.

Guys like Bond have to destroy minor league pitching to even get noticed. They have to make GM's think, "Yeah, his tools are limited but he did hit .370 in the PCL. Maybe he can help us." After Bond's great 2009 season the Eastern League (.333/.429/.409) I was foaming at the mouth to see what he would do in the PCL in 2010. His .285 batting average was most disappointing. He did have a .397 OBP, though and he did hit .332 in the PCL in 2012. 

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Meuller was way better in the minors. Meuller had a 267/174 BB/K ratio in the minors. Gillaspie has a 211/282 BB/K ratio. Mueller hit .306 with a .403 OBP in the minors. Gillaspie has a .287/.358 career minor league line. Also, Meuller won his 2003 AL batting title with a rather low .326 BA and 2003 was by far his best season. Gillaspie will never have an sort of extended major league career. 

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I will never understand how "experts" can possibly know with any accuracy how much a young prospect will develop his power or any other baseball skill? 

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