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I personally don't think these big, bulky VR systems will work well in the home - I don't want my kid running head-first into the dining room table trying to escape the virtual boogieman.

I think these technologies will work best to start at amusement parks like Disney World and Universal Studios. I'm sure those angles are probably being investigated by these companies, but I really think it's still too early for the home.

1 month ago on Sony’s Project Morpheus joins the virtual reality gold rush


My biggest concerns as a healthtech entrepreneur are that the Healthbook software and utility expectation have 2 huge mountains to climb:

1) Extreme concerns and superstitions around HIPAA privacy, and

2) The medical communities reluctance to take consumer health devices and technologies like this seriously

This will not be a complete slam-dunk for healthteach as much as people would like to believe, I fear.

1 month ago on Apple’s Healthbook stokes iWatch rumors