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 @CollegeWolf  Hey CollegeWolf, thanks for reading. 


As far as your trade situation, here's the first three things I notice. 

1. McFadden hasn't played a full season yet in his career. 

2. Gronk had as many touchdowns last year as Foster and Smith combined.

3. As I die hard Giants fan, I have watched every single snap in Victor Cruz's career. The kid is special. 


While Steve Smith is still a tremendous talent, he is 33, and really Carolina's only WR threat. Cruz on the other hand has Hakeem Nicks helping spread the coverage. Cruz's big play ability is legit, and I can see him putting up virtually identical numbers. Based on all this, I would go with option 2. 


As far as DT and Eric Decker go, I think DT will be taken rounds before Decker, mainly because he has the bigger name. DT eliminating Pittsburgh from the playoffs did a lot for his fantasy value this year. They should both have great years, if Peyton brings it as expected, but I feel you'll be able to steal Decker in later rounds. 


On Jacob Tamme, I honestly don't know much about him. Peyton has always had great chemistry with his TE, but Dallas Clark isn't your average TE. 


Antonio Brown is an interesting one. I really don't think Pittsburgh will be losing Mike Wallace, however if they do, it could hurt Brown. Hes more of an underneath guy, while Wallace uses his speed to stretch the field. 


Hope this helped you out. 


2 years, 8 months ago on Fantasy Football: Sleepers | Football