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Does anyone know when the US versions will get that feature stock?  I have the TMo version and that doesn't exist and it's one of the reasons I even got a Note 2 in the first place.  

2 years, 4 months ago on [Root] Samsung Galaxy Note II Modded To Use Any Apps For Multi Window


This is really unfortunate.  I hope that one of you well informed "internet journalists" can tell me what TMo was thinking with this release.  

I wanted to get this phone so bad when it first was released for AT&T several months ago.  Rumors swarmed all about saying that this famed Phablet would be coming out on TMo.  So I held off thinking that I would be "rewarded" for my patience.  Now, here we are on the door step of the Galaxy Note 2 release on August 15, TMo now decides to release the older model on the 8th?  SMH.  


Did I miss something?

2 years, 8 months ago on T-Mobile Galaxy Note Already Set To Receive An OTA Update