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The truth of the matter is that Larry Page didn't have what it takes to have grown Google as Eric Schmidt did. Now Page is a more experienced leader without idiotic "don't be evil" slogans and similar ideas. Steve Jobs became a better CEO only after he started his own companies, and spent his own money. Next Computer was not a success onto itself; it's Pixar - and it was effectively run by somebody else- that saved Steve Jobs from oblivion. Steve Jobs learned a lot of hard lessons in the 10 years he was out of Apple. The only examples of successful founder CEOs that didn't have to let the driver seat to more experience ones while their companies grew that come to mind are Bill Hewlett, Dave Packard, Larry Ellison and Bill Gates. Note that in all those cases, their companies grew at rates well below Google's. That allowed their founder CEO's to get the necessary on the job training to be successful executives when their companies reached critical mass. Simply put, there is no way Larry Page could have grown Google from the tiny operation it was in 2001 to the monster it became in 2010.

2 years, 8 months ago on Facebook Doesn’t Need a New CEO, Reuters Needs a New Technology Writer