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As a watcher since the very first episode, the reason for the TARDIS being in the shape of a Police Box, ut was indeed explained fairly early on:-

The TARDIS, Time and Relative Dimensions In Space, has no fixed shaped, either inside or outside.

As a means of camouflage it was fitted with a device which allowed it to assume any outward appearance - see the early series with the original Master who's TARDIS still had a functioning shape change device and first appeared (I seem to remember) as an Altar in a Monestry - whereas the Dr's Tardis had been disguised as a Police Box when the shape change Device finally broke - In the early series, the TARDIS was tired and worn and in need of constant repair - hence the complete mystery as to where and when it would actually materialise as compared to where the Dr aimed for.

I hope this helps

9 months, 3 weeks ago on Could ‘Dr. Who’ Meet The Doctor?