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Dear Mr Ellison, There are many nonprofits where a small donation (<50,000$) could make a huge difference. One Step Closer Therapeutic Riding in Morgan Hill provides physically and mentally challenged people with equine therapy. This therapy makes a difference by addressing the individual challenges with creative experiences with horses. For some, it is as simple as a chance to bond with a horse by grooming and petting the horse. For others it is riding a horse with volunteers providing safety and support by leading the horse and walking beside the horse and rider ensuring that the rider will not fall off. We have some riders who have progressed to riding independently. Every day we see miracles. It be as small as a participant who spends most of her time in pain being able to focus on the joy of being with a horse and smiling or as great as hearing of a child performing better in school because he has practiced sequencing in a fun way on the back of a horse. Your support can change lives.

2 years, 9 months ago on Hey Larry Ellison, what are you gonna do with all that money?