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They don't always work hard, sometimes they just want the handouts, the world is different lately.

2 years ago on Greek Olympian expelled over hateful tweet


The tweet in question is not racist.   


Greece is showing their incredible socialist/democratic stupidity by taking this action in a supposedly "non-political" performance based competition.  


Although I don't agree with KKK, or any party which holds a clearly racist view, I also don't agree with a misguided political correctness.  


On the issue of immigrants, for sure many European countries have hurt their own countries by allowing and encouraging too much immigration.   The source is clear....3 decades of easy money policy, creating a false sense of wealth and entitlement,  and making the host country peoples feel like they are above menial work, thus encouraging immigrants to do these tasks, and when the bubble bursts, which they always will,  the immigrant, closer to the financial breaking point will turn to crime and unsavory methods to keep going. 


3 decades of easy money, and the corruption of the Euro have caused this problem.    The so-called "elite" or should we just call them greedy criminal financial overlords?

2 years, 1 month ago on Greek Olympian expelled over hateful tweet