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Great episode I always love hearing about the Basel show

The only problem, you are spreading the basel coverage out :( i want it now!

Also, the episode cut short must be some error

14 hours, 43 minutes ago on HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 155


Nerd Alert! My most challenging and memorable set was the 6339 Shuttle Launch Pad

3 days, 11 hours ago on GIVEAWAY: Four LEGO Watches For Adults


I like the styling of this watch very much, nice large hands and Arabic numerals.

I like the vintage themed sport watches to a crertin point. That is, i like the new blue colored black bay because of its crisp white lume and lines and not the red black bay. Along the red black bay lines in the new seamaster 300.

2 weeks ago on GIVEAWAY UNIQ P-47 Chronograph Watch