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I want to Thank Agal51.. Winston, Holly & ManEating for constructive analysis based on the facts as they see it.  It gave me an understanding of what led to this and now i have an opinion.  It is so important for the country i have been born in and live in and want the best for to get people to Agree to Disagree Respectfully because when you get nasty it turns off many people and clouds your case.

I Love Soccer and wish more Americans did.  It is the best game for most children growing up (even though i played and coached BB -close 2nd in US & Sweden) and i truly believe we as country would embrace it more as a National Passtime Sport.  So on that basis i Say Go America and get the Gold (as long as you don't play Sweden-lol-i am a dual citizen so that it always tough)  And your right Holly Good Sportsmanship does count and we need more of it on the field, in the anouncer booths and in the chat room.  All Make it Fun & Positivde Rooting for your Team and Favorite Players:)

2 years, 9 months ago on Hope Solo blasts former USA soccer star Brandi Chastain on Twitter