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 There is clear evidence that shows that the original Google/Apple licensing deal was supposed to last another year, and that Google had their sights set on doing an iOS maps app for 2013. However, apple pulled the rug out from underneath them, leaving iOS users without a Google Maps app for the time being. Also, the previous Maps app for iOS used Google data, but it was written by Apple. Google's terms say that while third parties may use their mapping data, they cannot use it to build a turn-by-turn solution. Apparently, Google even offered to write a turn-by-turn app for Apple years ago, but were denied. I believe that Apple declined to offer free turn-by-turn because they weren't getting enough of a cut from Google, instead leaving users to purchase $100 turn-by-turn apps from the app store (which means $30 per download to Apple). You don't think Google WANTS to make maps for iOS? They've made everything else. They don't care what platform people buy, they make money off of ALL platforms.




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