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Re "7". I got the impression Clara was pregnant and this is what she was building to with Danny at the start of "Dark Water" and telling the Doctor in "Heaven"? Guessing she probably would have to curtail her travels not entirely of her own choosing and that way Orson Pink lives!

5 months, 2 weeks ago on 12 Great Moments From Death in Heaven


@Amy says Peter Davison is the Thirteenth Doctor!

I think "obvious" is more apt. 

Billy Hanshaws response to that was "well if thats obvious why has nobody else done it?" 

Well, quite. That should tell you enough really.

Maybe the same reason Murray Gold hasn't put bagpipes and haggis slapping into the theme arrangment, you know cos the Doctors scottish now?

Its worthy of Disney or maybe what an american studio might have forced on a new production team circa 1996, (that said even the even the TVM didn't scrape that barrel).

I will concede though it only grates for about a 3rd of it,  after the clockface unravels I quite like it.

8 months ago on Examining Series 8’s New Title Sequence


For me Clara/JC was the highlight, I was never in any doubt Capaldi would be brilliant.

From "Asylum" through to "Time of The Doctor" something was amiss, I can't put my finger on it. JC has been more than up to it, ticking all the boxes on the "things companion actors must do well" chart and pulling of the dramatic range required with aplomb so no fault of the actress but something wasn't working for me. 

That changed on Saturday, JC pulled a blinder and Claras clicked! The restaurant scene and the subsequent ones in the basement were sublime.

I hope they keep this standard up and Jenna stays for another series (or at least part of the next). Maybe her and Doc 11 just didn't fit? I think 12 could be "her" Doctor in the same way 4 was Sarah Jane's depsite starting with 3.

8 months ago on Deep Breath Review


Oh and a special mention to the sqawking harpy at 23 seconds in. 

A fine example of an extra grabbing their moment of screentime and reducing Row J of our local cinema to tittering twits in the process.

8 months ago on Deep Breath Review



The Valeyard was of vague origin somehwere between the 12th and 13th incarnation, possibly more akin to an evil "watcher". Whereas Capaldi's is the 14th incarnation (or the 1st of another 13 regeneration cycle)

8 months, 1 week ago on Capaldi Unclear on Series 9 Return


Wondering if theres a bit more to the "blink and you missed it" regeneration now?

Brings to mind that DWM strip where they regenerated the 8th Doctor only they hadn't.

Would they have the balls to do a false regeneration and bring Matt back?

8 months, 2 weeks ago on Capaldi Unclear on Series 9 Return


@TheLostDoctor Disneyfied would more apt.

8 months, 3 weeks ago on The Series 8 Title Sequence


Has it been pointed out the Doc seems to be wearing a wedding ring?

10 months ago on Series 8 Airdate Confirmed, New Trailer & Image