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I have had an amazing experience with the nReduce program. The weekly updates create that extra push you need sometimes as an independent entrepreneur struggling to launch a startup. The feedback from other nReducers has been priceless. Not only motivational feedback, but really great ideas and connections. I have been able to meet so many entrepreneurs and I have had a blast doing what I can to help everybody else in the program. I highly recommend anyone out there with a startup or a totally new idea to get on board with nReduce and to make things happen. I am in Houston, Texas and have not been able to meet any local nReducers yet, but the online community alone is exceptional. nReduce is something I would pay for but its free!


Robert Dale Smith@robertdalesmith 

Founder, Mote Labs

2 years, 8 months ago on Virtual Incubator to All, nReduce Adds Mentors and Demo Days — Is It the Pre-AngelList?