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Hi Kathryn. Hi Everybody!

I just found your photo on Pinterest... Couldn't resist. It's a veeeeery good idea. Internet IS NOT anonymous and I like to know with whom I'm talk from time to time. I'm from Poland but over 4 years living in Spain, close to Barcelona.

I like crocheting an yarn... just like relax and therapy... And I think that I waste my time going to work... HAHAHAHA! Anyway I love handmade things. And I respect all those people who put a little piece of hart in that.

*My favourite colour = orange * My Zodiac Sign = Capricorn *My age = 23x2 hahahaha... *My Best Book = ''The Secret''  and YES... *I'm OPTIMIST!

Hugs and greetings.

Take care Kathryn.



2 years, 9 months ago on Introduce Yourself Here