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We've ( have had a similar experience with the NYC nReduce group, in that the in-person meetings have created a great forum for entrepreneurs working across a variety of projects to collaborate and share knowledge and ideas. I've also personally found the video check-ins helpful, as they require me to evaluate the progress made the previous week and lay out clear deliverables for the next week. This is not unlike standard management practice in many large organizations. We are finding the in-person meetings to be much more valuable than the virtual meetings; this may have something to do with NYC's culture vs. the Valley's, and the intangible value of forging in-person connections that can't be replicated virtually. Joe and Josh have clearly tapped into an important need and in the absurdly crowded world of NYC tech meetups, the nReduce concept has created a uniquely valuable environment for facilitating progress.

2 years, 8 months ago on Virtual Incubator to All, nReduce Adds Mentors and Demo Days — Is It the Pre-AngelList?