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 @sarahcuda As much as Abell is wrong on nearly all counts, the reality is that Zuck is not meant to be a 'Wallstreetized' CEO, that doesn't mean he is incapable as  CEO, not by a long shot. If he was running a 1B-2B market cap company, no one could have cared less if he was the CEO or not. But when you want the market to value the company at 70-100B you better start showing results, which precisely is not being done. At that valuation you have to start showing the revenues and profits. Zuck himself has mentioned several times that Ads are not a priority, experience might precede monetization thats ok, but then you need someone like a Sheryl Sandberg as the CEO who knows and can balance investor expectations. This is not unusual many other have done this Ebay (Peirre Omidyar-Jeff Skoll), Google of course being the most prominent one. Call it what you want to call old Wall Street not accepting young public company CEOs or young public company CEOs not accepting old Wall Street, fact is that without performance all that remains is hype. I just hope that Facebook's IPO was not the 'AOL-TW' moment, if the DST round of financing was the 'Netscape moment'. Cause even though what you say on majority investors flipping in and out maybe true, there are a lot of retail investors who have got burnt because of the hype, and sadly they dont have the millions to wait out the loss. Also it is not possible that Nasdaq alone caused all 100% of the problems with FB stock. It was at least a 30% fault on part of Facebook's CFO to raise the pricing just a night before the IPO without really consulting all the buyers. If anything, I think the glitches might have saved some retail investors, imagine somebody's mother buying FB at $65 and seeing it underwater just a week later. Full disclosure- We are long FB on yesterday's fall. We will also flip 50% if the stock reaches $29. Zuck has one year to prove FB (again not because of his abilities, but because of the valuation he is demanding as a public company CEO) potential as far as revenue goes. Personally I think Sheryl Sandberg would do a better job as a CEO because a CEO is expected to be a cohesive unit that includes selling advertising as a business, talking to customers,  meet with analysts etc etc. Its late in the night forgive any typos folks ;) 

2 years, 8 months ago on Facebook Doesn’t Need a New CEO, Reuters Needs a New Technology Writer