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Great tip for veggie scraps. I have one for storage -- why take up room in your freezer --- bottleĀ  your broth hot and store in the cupboard - re-uee jars from other productis - the best are the ones that have the little pop button in the middle of the lid -- that way you can ensure that what you have bottle is vaccum sealed -- if you use flat lids it can be guess work as to whether they sealed effectively -- if any lids are faulty, have a dint or such and do not suck in the pop top -- you know to either use soon or store that broth another way. Thanks for the great tips and discussions.

2 years, 9 months ago on Quick and (almost) Plastic-Free Broth / Soup Base Tip


Yeah,More Crap - if they're not talking about cradle to cradle responsibility fot the replicator and what it makes - they need to put a hold on it right now -- neither the ecosphere nor our bodies can manage the toxic load alreadly present -- don't make it even worse!

2 years, 9 months ago on 3-D Printing: Inspiring Creativity or Just Proliferating More Plastic Crap?