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I'm working on CloudPlay - a music player + streaming service - - as part of the current nReduce batch. While the success of a virtual incubator may be dubious, so far my experience has been positive. The weekly required status updates (no leeway if you miss the deadline) have really pushed me to ship every week. It doesn't compare to YC's office hours, but based on the feedback I get from other nReducers, I feel like my product has improved quite a bit.


Unfortunately, I can't speak much about access to mentors since I haven't met the criteria for that (you need to make X comments per week, and can't have missed a weekly update), and I'm unsure how demo day will work, since only 10 teams will be allowed to present. Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing who makes the cut!

2 years, 8 months ago on Virtual Incubator to All, nReduce Adds Mentors and Demo Days — Is It the Pre-AngelList?