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.Sounds like they are making this more complicated than it needs to be,   if they are trying to roll this into a single bowl entity.  The obvious solution is to have the Champions Bowl played in the Cotton Bowl 6 years and in The Sugar Bowl 6 years.  EVERYONE WINS;  SEC/Big 12 Keep their Media rights revenue for each and every year.  The BCS still has the Cotton and Sugar to host 8 combined semifinals in 12 years.  The Cotton Bowl and Sugar Bowl both end up with 6 Champion Bowls (Big 12 v SEC) 4 National Semi Finals and 2 years of open seating where they can invite any team that is available.


If The SEC and Big 12 end up picking a single Bowl entity and surrendering media rights revenue for hosting a semi final someone needs to lose their job.  There is no good reason the Big 12 /SEC should be doing that.  It will cost each and every school in the Big 12 $4 Million dollars each time they host a semi final.  It will cost each and every school in the SEC $2.86 million every time they host a semi final.

2 years, 5 months ago on “Champions” Bowl Announcement Coming Soon


The host bowl/city will be selected by two parties the Big 12 and the SEC.  Have you ever tried to get to politicla powers to agree on something.  I'm sure the SEC would prefer the game in NO and I'm sure the Big 12 would prefer it in Arlington.


Common sense would seem to say a compromise would be required, and the only compromise that gives equally to both parties is for the Cotton and Sugar to rotate this game between them every other year and then host semi finals when not hosting Big 12 vs SEC.


There have been publicly disclosed news reports that state the Sugar Bowl and the Cotton Bowl have been in talks to do exactly that for over a year before the SEC and Big 12 announced the game would be played.

2 years, 5 months ago on “Champions” Bowl Site To Be Announced Next Week


In order for Klein to win the Heisman K State will have to remain undefeated and win the Big 12 Championship.  K State's Offense is not geared toward huge passing numbers.  K State for the most part runs a ball control clock management offense.   Very tough to compare Collin Klein's contribution to his team and to the sport  against a Quarterback in a fast break offense.


But when you compare Kleins numbers from last year against Tim Tebows Heisman year, Erich Crouch's Heisman Year, you can clearly see he belongs in the discussion.   If Klein can lead the Wildcats to an undefeated season and have productive rushing, passing and scoring numbers he will be a finalist, beyond that it always comes down to a popularity contest among the finalists.


Can anyone really say the Robert Griffin III was more deserving than Andrew Luck?  


Here is are some interesting Heisman numbers for you.  Right now USC has the most victories over Heisman winners (in their Heisman year) than any other team in College Football.  Should K State beat West Virginia and Geno Smith win the Heisman, K State will be tied with USC in that regard .

2 years, 6 months ago on Is Klein the Heisman Trophy frontrunner? | National Football Post


The most interesting story surrounding the 2014 Bowl System Launch, and it is not being reported on by anyone, (most likely because the 4 parties involved have better operational security than the Department of Defense ever dreamed of)  The apparent behind the scenes collaboration between SEC, Big 12, Cotton Bowl and Sugar Bowl.  The Cotton Bowl has an established history with the Big 12 and the Sugar Bowl has an established history with the SEC.  As both conferences must agree on where to host the "Champions Bowl", it seems a simple matter of Common Sense, that King Solomon's solution will be used, "Cut the baby in half and give half to each"  In other words the Cotton Bowl will host the "Champions Bowl" six years adn teh Sugar Bowl  will host teh "Champions Bowl" the other 6 years, and when they are not hosting the "Champions Bowl" they can host Nationla Semi Final Games.


This ensures each Bowl will have 6 "Champions Bowls" and 4 National Semi Finals.  The SEC/Big 12 keep that $80 Million media rights revenue all 12 years.


It is just completely beyond imagination that the "Champions Bowl" would be assigned to one permanent site and then give up $160 Million in revenue by hosting 2 National Semi Finals.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

2 years, 7 months ago on SEC Could Have Teams In Playoff, Champions Bowl And Orange Bowl Under Reported Deal


REALITY CHECK (Q) Why did SEC and Big 12 crate Champions Bowl? (A) To maximize revenue.


It is amazing to me how none of you talking heads have figured out the basic math of this thing called Champions Bowl.


In years when the Champions Bowl hosts a Semi Final game the Media rights are owned by the BCS.


If the Champions Bowl were to host 4 Semi Finals in 12 years the SEC/Big 12 would be voluntarily giving away $320 Million. NOT Going to happen.


The Champions Bowl will NEVER host a semi final game.


The SEC adn Big 12 are in control of their own revenue stream,  It is unbelievable to think they will give up $80 Million a year to host a Semi Final.  There is no up side for them.


However, if THE SEC/Big 12 partner with 2 or more Bowls (obvious candidates Cotton and Sugar) to rotate The Champions Bowl, it becomes a Win/Win /Win.  SEC/Big 12 host no semi finals and therefore keep $80 Million in media rights each year.  Bowl Partners (Cotton and Sugar) are free to host Semi Finals in 4 of the 6 years the Champions Bowl is not in town in addition to having 2 years where they will be in the Bowl Pool of non contract bowls.


Net result Arlington and New Orleans will each host 6 Champions Bowls and 4 National Semi Finals.  Each will be "Open" Bowls 2 years out of 12.  Each will be free to Bid on the National Championship Game. The SEC/Big 12 will earn $960 Million in media rights for the Champions Bowl over 12 years.  (Compared to PAC12/Big 10 earning $640 Million in Media Rights over 12 years for the Rose Bowl, with the Rose Bowl hosting 4 National Semi Finals).


 Unless the PAC 12/Big 10 come to the realization that they are placing themselves at an economic disadvantage compared to SEC/Big 12 and add a second Bowl to their contract,  creating a Rose Bowl rotation equal to the  Champions Bowl rotation, then the Rose BOwl out of simple economics will opt to host 4 Semi Finals, costing PAC 12/Big 10 $320 Million over 12 years.

2 years, 7 months ago on Forget Selection Committees And Conference Tie-Ins, It’s Time For A Bowl Draft


I read last week that the SEC/Big 12 will absolutely share this game with at least 2 cities/host sites.  The reason being none of the prospective host sites want to be left out of the NCG and Semi Final rotation.  By Cotton Bowl and Sugar Bowl teaming up to host the Champions Bowl they could both host 6 Champions Bowls in 12 Years , 4 Semi Finals games and 2 National Championship Games.  (Not saying that is what would happen but Sugar and Cotton would have the ability).


From the SEC/Big 12 perspective this partnership between Cotton and Sugar bowls ensures the Champions Bowl never hosts a Semi Final game and the media rights therefore will always be paid to the SEC and Big 12 a substantial monetary advantage over the other 2 contract bowls (Rose and Orange) that will not pay media rights to the Big 10, PAC 12 and ACC in the years Rose and Orange host a Semi Final game.   If hosting a Semi Final Game is essential for the Champions Bowl to be in the BCS Mix there is still flexibility to host a Semi Final, In the Champions Bowl In the Cotton Bowl or in The Champions Bowl in The Sugar Bowl.



Cowboys Stadium, Arlington TX  80,000

Superdome, New Orleans LA 76,867

Reliant Stadium, Houston TX 72,000

Georgia Dome, Atlanta GA 71,149

Citrus Bowl, Orlando FL  70,188

Edward Jones Dome, St.  Louis MO 66,965

Raymond James Stadium, Tampa FL 65,547




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