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As already stated above, well said. (Unusually for me) I didn't engage on this debate on Twitter, but (usually for me) I have some very strong opinions. What particularly annoys me is the stance all religions take, but Islam in particular, that if you oppose them your opposition is unfair and based on some form of prejudice, such as Islamophobia. A big part of my opposition to Islam is its treatment of women. I consider my opposition to be completely justified and I would take issue with anyone who tried to defend such treatment of women. However, this opposition is not the only problem I have with Islam, and I am opposed to anyone who considers relationship violence is OK whether religious or not, or, indeed, whether or not the victim is female.

Provocative debate is good, but imho this was a publicity stunt. Badar could have been relied upon to say something controversial, whatever the subject. FODI managed to get ahead of the ball with the topic.

3 months, 4 weeks ago on The Strange Case Of The Honour Killing Debate