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 @WColon21  @DerricoBrown If HTC wants to spend more, they can continue featuring the "what else" features in seperate ads. This one is geared towards the social update-conscious crowd.

2 years ago on HTC, When We Said Advertise More, We Didn't Mean Like This


Truly, in the middle of being idle, it died on me twice but the power and volume revived it both times. Confidence is wavering but because I really like my XZ, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the needed update.

2 years ago on People's Sony Xperia Z Handsets Randomly Dying


Same as those MHL Adapters?


2 years, 5 months ago on Nexus 4 Supports Display Tethering Through MicroUSB Via SlimPort


If we can't use local search, what's the workaround? hard to imagine not to be able to use your device to search online..


2 years, 8 months ago on International Galaxy S III Audio Crackling Issue Fixed With OTA Build LG6