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Gary, Gary, Gary. You forgot how much the viewers like to yell at the TV screen when you clowns say something idiotic. This fast-paced football limits the opportunity for you to spout gibberish or, even worse, the obvious. What's the point in watching anymore? 

1 year, 2 months ago on Gary Danielson: "The fan likes the huddle"


I don't know this guy, but Fireman Ed comes aross as kind of an angry, loud-mouthed jerk (to me, a non-Jets fan). Maybe he's a good guy. Maybe he's beloved by Jets fans. Here's hoping he can become a normal fan again. Good for him if he can. Given his "look-at-me" antics over the years and his decision to publicly "resign" from a self-appointed position, who will be surprised if he makes a comeback based on a groundswell of support or some other fiction? 

1 year, 12 months ago on Fireman Ed wrote an entire column to step down from his imaginary post


Well done, but it is worth remembering that Lolo-backlash had been building in track circles long, long before the NYT chose to report about it. Lolo had a chance, slim though it was, to overcome the Lolo-backlash by actually performing on the field of play, i.e., medalling. She didn't. So now, quite understandably, she is trying to kick-start a backlash to the Lolo-backlash by demonizing the NYT, which was simply reporting about the well-known Lolo-backlash, and by implying that her self-reported abstinence is being held against her, all in a effort to change the debate and make her look like a victim. It's really too bad. She is a wonderfuly talented--and photogenic--athlete. Playing the victim card, however, looks like crass opportunism. "It's all about me." Still.    

2 years, 3 months ago on Lolo Jones vs The World


I respect Musburger and his commentary, including his warm, personal feelings for Paterno. I appreciate that he had a very short amount of time to give his perspective on PTI and, if he had had an hour or unlimited time to do so, his thoughts might've been more nuanced. He and I might even agree completely if we had a chat about the Penn State mess. That all being said, I do think he engaged in unfortunate hyperbole when he called the NCAA's actions "basically a PR move" and "a horrendous disservice". Perhaps he really feels that way, but, if he does, then (in my opinion)  he has failed to acknowledge the complexities of the situation. The NCAA was going to be criticized no matter what action it took. I find it hard to separate Musburger's criticism of the NCAA from the other blow-hards out there.

2 years, 4 months ago on Brent Musburger's comments show complexity of Penn State situation