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Love your videos and Droiddog has already become one of my fav sites. In regards to the current topic, I learned early on (a few years ago) that using manual brightness settings may not be the most convenient but is the most effective way of gaining extra use between charges.


One app in particular on the Play Store is Brightness Profiles. As the name suggests, it is an app that can be invoked from its native icon or setup to come up with a custom gesture or one of the seldom used features of many clock and weather widgets that allow assigning multiple app openings by touching say the minutes or hour display of the widget.


Once installed, invoking the app will allow you to set many (I use 5) custom brightness settings. This is a lot easier than opening the native brightness controls and using the hit or miss method. With 28% being my self titled Minimum setting all the way through 100% being my Maximum, it is a normal thought process after much usage to simply bring up the app, tap my setting for the environment being entered and I am good to go.


Using it on my DroidX for 2 years would net me an extra 2 - 3 hours of daily use. With my SGS3, I am seeing similar savings. While there are many apps that do the same thing, I encourage their use. With minimal setup time and short acclimation period to using the various settings, this a a great way to grab some extra time between charges.

2 years, 7 months ago on 3 Helpful Battery Saving Tips [Video]