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Honestly it's not so bad. 1. It will allow a new generation of developers to make great games indie at a fraction of the cost that it takes for big companies to put something out. 2. It might make the big boys in the industry finally up their game and start putting out better quality product. And last but not least. 3. I have a few games in the works and I know how to program for android but what I want to make would work better on a console and not on a phone and this gives me the ability to get what I want out there instead of having to depend on my xbox(which I love and use all the time) or the ps3(which I really never use because I have a blu ray player now) to get a game that is not worth the 10-20 dollars when I would rather pay 6 for minecraft for my phone and just have fun.

2 years, 8 months ago on Editorial: OUYA Could Destroy Traditional Gaming, And That's Not A Good Thing