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Hey, so hi! What a great way to start a post. Last year, when we were doing this a-to-z frippery, I forgot #ROW80 existed, so I wrote a make-up post and gave it cheesy flowers and candy. This year, I've been so into the TEAM thing, I missed the start of the 2nd round of ROW80! Heaven forfend! I need to clone myself and get me one of them Content Managers, or one of them Writers I been hearing about, because this one-horse outfit shit is for the birds! At least I haven't followed myself or posted your shit under my name in a while, so that's a huge plus, but my poor book? About the Undead Alien Underground Railroad? Sheesh, I have barely scratched the surface of fixing that unholy mess! As always, you entertainment [sic] (I was gonna fix, but it's funnier left alone) the poop out of me, Andi-roo! Mary xoxo

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I completely agree with this! Don't give me E-VIL and no redeeming qualities! That will make me put down a book, or turn off a movie, because the puzzle behind the character is missing. One of the best characters I ever encountered was the "Cancer Man" in the X-Files. A seemingly, unredemptive baddy who is an assassin, but a frustrated, unpublished author; there is real heart and soul there. He's not just bad, for the sake of bad. 

On a related note, the more complex the antagonist, the more likely you are to find a dense world that character inhabits and that is another thing I hate; simple worlds that don't seem real, or are peopled by 3 or 4 characters. I know I'm not telling you anything; I've read your wonderful prose! But, I am new to this, with my little background in rhetorical writing and playing violas and messing about with computers! So, if I come off like Captain Obvious, at least it's not Confuse-a-what (although that is still front and present!) Thanks for the hella tutorials and the fun along the way! Mary xoxo

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Andi, I've been so remiss and getting over here to read your always wonderful, funny and GREAT blog! I have the "Beat Sheet" and need to apply it to my own "Music of the Spheres" that I wrote during NaNoWriMo. I have this hot-mess that desperately needs organization! This will help!  Thanks, Mary

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Hmmm, judging by the number of really fun, vibrant and great blogs I've been reading, I think that ranks right down there as one of the least prescient and most uninformed things I've heard in a while. I like your categorization though and count myself in along with the "Pointless" category, which is okay by me! 

It is interesting too, that this is being bruited about by bloggers themselves; it's like musicians saying "the music is dead" and then. . . what? Put the viola back in the case? I think not. As long as there are people who want to write and develop an audience and get other people interested in blogging, blogging is not dead. Latin is supposedly a "dead" language because it is not used in common commerce, or spoken in day-to-day transactions or in life. But, if you are in Law, Medicine, any of the sciences; Geology, Biology, etc., you are going to learn a fuck-ton of Latin! I think I just outed myself as a prime example of "Pointless" because I forgot where I was going, but Latin is about the only "dead" thing, other than the Grateful Dead and the last time I checked, there was a pretty good sub-culture of "Deadheads" wandering the landscape. So, the people who say "Blogging is Dead" are wrong.

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Nazi Germany was NOT a socialist county, krempfen, but a fascist one. If you're going to spout outrage, at least spout outrage with your facts checked and correct! Socialism as first theorized by Karl Marx and Frederic Engels under the Communist Manifesto said NOTHING about picking up arms and spreading the word! "The Communist Manifesto" was written in 1848 in Germany and was based on the economics of a burgeoning and nascent Industrial Revolution.

The fact that Communism took fire in what became the USSR first in 1918, was completely unexpected to the Bolshevik leaders at the time. In fact, Lenin was not even in Russia. Long story short because this is accessible to anyone who would care to take the time and READ and LEARN with an unbiased view; the USSR that we faced during the Cold War was the USSR of Stalin, not Lenin and not Trotsky. Socialism and Communism are two VERY DIFFERENT economic systems. Great Britain is a Socialist society, as is Sweden, Switzerland and Canada.

Nazi Germany was a fascistic society, and backed by the Junkers and other German Industrialists, as well as the hoi-polloi, who had their heads firmly up their asses, and was what the RIGHT WING would become given half a chance. There is a difference, krempfen, but obviously, you are one of the mensches who chooses to believe all of the bullshit on Facebook. Under the strict definition of SOCIALISM, Andi is right; Jesus was a Socialist and he behaved like one. So, you can continue to believe your bullshit, but I will continue to know the truth and look at Facebook for stupidities such as "Obama is the Antchrist" scrawled on the back of an SUV (complete with the little fish sign of idiot Christians, everywhere) followed by a poorly photo-shopped picture of Jesus ministering to children, but with a giant ant head! Now, that there is some funny shit! Have a good, if ignorant day, krempfen! Viola Fury xoxo

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It's basically like the old frontier days in the Wild West. They're fighting over water rights and once the original Host has been left standing at the altar, they feel no compunction to help facilitate the honeymoon when you eloped with the Best Man! That being said, douche-moves are the accepted fashion, when terminating a business relationship, which is just the suckiest thing on earth!

I, myself went through a similar thing recently when I switched ISPs from BrightHouse, which had been very good to me, but Verizon FIOS offered me fiberoptics, at T-3 speed, landline, for secure work over the phone and cable at a no-contract price that BH could not hope to match. I also have my own dedicated line. I knew BH was going to counter-offer and that is precisely what they did. I stood firm, because my new set up is far and away superior to what I had.

I also anticipated a shit-storm because, once you turn them down, or have ANY issue, with any type of service, be it banking (another fight with them) ISP, phones, if you do not accept their "scripted" responses, or accept what they will term is "policy" the knives come out and come out hard. I've never, EVER been abused so thoroughly as I have in recent months by my: supplemental Health insurance company that supplies transportation, to and from my appointments (I ended up getting the guy fired) my bank, when I reported a fraudulent charge and they closed my account WITHOUT my permission and now, BH. Their "Retention" department turned into a bitch of a shrew, when I tried to make an appointment to return my equipment. I repeated myself several times, asked for her supervisor and finally, got a commitment of that Friday, two days hence, to pick up the gear. Friday came and went and I started writing emails. I refused all of their calls and escalated my emails, re-sending the originals copies and my demands, stating that I would NOT be speaking with anyone on the phone.

I do this, not because I'm an asshole, although I am, but because I have Parkinsonsism and the concomitant emotional stress makes me ill, like PTSD. After my 3rd email, wherein I quoted Von Clausewitz about "War being an extension of diplomacy" and said something like, "come pick up your shit, or the next person you will hear from will be either the biggest shark of a consumer rights' lawyer I can find, or "8 On Your Side". The shit was picked up the next day.

What does all of this have to do with Hosting and Domains and all that good shit? Not much; just think of the domain as your address and the hosting is your garage. In this case, your address was held hostage by a hostile section of the "internet super highway" until you were able to recover it and place it with a friendlier garage.

One of the things I'm happy about is the fact that I can do all of that stuff myself. It may not be pretty, and I make lots of stupid mistakes, but I don't have to worry about hostiles, just idiots. Like Chrome. Believe it or not, I CANNOT post on my blog or answer anybody else's posts on Chrome, because, Google. They're so fucking stupid, it's unbelievable. So, I post and comment in Fire Fox and do everything else in Chrome. Chrome seems to think I need to use their stupid Drive. Piss on that! But that's a rant for another day! xoxo

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@marjoriemcatee @Andi RooThere are going to be people who cry about EVERYTHING! My blog is currently is in some kind of hideous snot-green theme, because someone told me that it was too hard to read the lighter letters on a darker background. For Pete's (f-ck's!) sake! It was written in Hacker Vision. Being legally blind and being, well, a computer person and by nature at a keyboard, 18 to 20 hours a day, most of us use a combination of colors called "Hacker Vision" and it is really a hell of a lot easier on the eyes. In my case especially. I cannot tolerate bright colors, or lights. I write in a dark room, with 2 very "dark" monitors that employ this software. Solution? Write the bitch in "Hacker Vision" and post it in whatever the hell my blog is looking like, these days. It is apparently legible, as I'm getting comments to pertinent posts. But seriously? I'm sure someone somewhere is getting up the nerve to say "Viola, about that booger-colored blog of yours..." Bite me.

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Geeze, Andi; you and I need to go to some small, overcrowded place like Starbucks (which I have never, ever stepped foot into) together. I guarantee that would be a laff-and-a-half! I'm not a big fat clown (and SHAME on you for saying that about yourself!) You're not! You ARE funny as hell, though. I'm just a blind, parkinsonism, tremor-ridden confuse-a-what mess and we could probably have people rolling in the aisles!

First off, I wouldn't fit in at Starbucks because I wear Dollar Store stuff; this year it's all Leopard Print. I look like Edith Prickley from the old SCTV series and I wear heavy boots (prevents toe cramps) and have braces on both arms, plus dark glasses and my blind-man's whackamole cane. So, I already look like some kind of deranged ninja. 

Like you, I hate to stand out and when I was "sighted" I could easily blend in. Well, those days are long gone. People see me and are like "Whoa! Is this bitch really blind? Is this a hustle? Is it contagious? Hmm, what would it be like to bang a blind chick? Where can I get those cool FBI glasses?" So, hiding in plain sight ain't gonna happen. My usual habitat is the supermarket and there is plenty of room to negotiate. I have only tripped over the displays 80 or 90 times. I almost took the wine aisle with a fully-loaded cart once, when I had 4 cases of water that I hefted myself into that bitch and had worked up a head of steam. I manhandled the bastard deftly around a little old couple who I just know saw their life passing before their eyes as I bore down upon them. As I sailed past, I hollered, "This is why Mary don't drive!" All well and good. Supermarkets have pretty good-sized spaces for me to avoid being cheek-by-jowl with the humanoids on the planet.

I'm also shy and prefer to initiate exchanges like you. That's a topic for another day. But, I will end with this, and this is how I know if we ever went to a crowded Starbucks or any small place where there is a security tape, that shit would end up on youtube and go viral in a red-hot minute.

I don't negotiate around small spaces well at all. I run into walls, crash into doorways, or scrape through them. I was in a Mickey D's the other day, and ran into the napkin and straw holder thingy and then, proceeded to drop my cane and backpack. Of course all of this clattering, draws even more attention, and I'm like "I'm fine, it's okay!" So, I go to order my burger and I'm talking to the lady and for some asinine reason, ordering food gives me such anxiety I cannot stand it. I always get tongue-tied. You'd think the fate of the free world rests on my shoulders and if I screw this up, we're all going to die slow horrible deaths. 

So, summoning up my courage, I blurt out "Twobigmacstwolargefriesnodrinks!" The girl looks at me for a minute, so I repeat it, only faster and louder, this time. She's still looking at me. Third times a charm; especially it it's even faster and louder than the first two attempts. Nope. Okay. I take a deep breath and say, "Two Big Macs, two large fries and no drinks." The girl says, "You can pay for the meal and it will cheaper; just don't take the drinks." I look at her, kind of blankly for a minute and then say, "Okay! Great! You're doing a great dob! Pause. "I mean, job. You're doing a great job!" At this point, I just want to run and hide. I'm in Tampa General Hospital after another trip to the ER for my eyes and there are all of these doctors and medical types behind me. Being partially-sighted has given me some very keen extra senses. I could just feel all those eyes boring into the back of my head. I figure they're wondering how I got out of the mental wing. That was the longest wait for food in the history of forever. I finally got my shit and left. I'm so used to causing a scene and embarrassing myself in public, I've long ago ceased to care. I tell people I am no more than 15 minutes behind or ahead of my idiocies, stupidities or faux pas. You and I really, really need to hook up and have some fun! xoxo

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I'm hanging in with Row80 and A-to-Z Challenge (plus assisting with Damyanti's hosting duties) and since JC's heart attack and ill health, writing has been sketchy at best. But, I keep on, keepin' on, as the saying goes! xoxo

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Andi, You are so dead perfect about all of this. I do not have a daughter, because my relationship with my mother was so, so blighted and my childhood was so bad that I vowed I would not inflict that upon another. I think, in light of what my life has been like it was a sound decision, but not necessarily a happy one. Now, at the age of 58, I am faced with JC's imminent death within the next couple of years, due to his bad heart and stubborn insistence that it's his life to live and at the age of 67, and having lived a hard, hard life himself, i do not feel it right for me to castigate him. I will only care for him and love him in his last days.

My mother and I had a life-long bitter, bitter feud, that only healed itself, when I picked up the phone and said "I don't care what you think anymore, it doesn't matter, you're my mother and I love you. The past is past." And let go the hatred, the petty shit about my father, politics, religion, my choice of men and yada yada. Because, it's all "yada yada yada." You are not going to change one another's minds. Somehow you have to reach a common ground. Part of her acquiescence may have stemmed from the fact that she knew, deep down, that she was sick and didn't have long to live. But, in that remaining time, I had the most marvelous mother in the world. And I do so appreciate that; I am so glad for the time we did have. Where that person was, when I was growing up is unknown.

But, I suspect, that damaged person (she, too had a terrible childhood) was buried under the fear and upset of having married my father, who although kind and caring, would not do what she wanted; stop drinking and she couldn't control him. Although he always held a job, and was kind to us both, it was never enough for her.  My childhood was one, long screaming battle, punctuated by her disappearances, attempted suicides, attempts at trying to harm my father and the occasional lull when she would smother me with attention; attention I did not particularly want, as I knew that at any second, it would go away. 

My father was the one I went to for calm and some sort of wisdom and he could be rather terse and enigmatic, although he was a very, very funny man. He looked at me once, after I had scraped my way through something on the violin and said "I want you to be great." Then said nothing further. Well, I was certainly nothing to shout about on the violin, but I kicked ass on the viola and I think he wanted me to be great in whatever I attempted. Something both my parents excelled at. Everything, that is, except personal lives. I fit the mold. Excellent choice and epiphanies are something. My mother turned out to be a wonderful woman; I just wish I'd had her around longer. xoxo

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Andi! I wondered when I was going to see your post on the Great Theme Reveal! I love your topic! Last year, I made a spreadsheet with all the letters in one row, and the topics in the columns, like I was going to hand it in to Arlee Bird for a grade or something. My topics that I had chosen promptly went out the window at letter "B" when I wrote about the Great One himself (Beethoven) and his 3rd Symphony. That fucker was so brilliant, he took music from the Classical era to the Romantic era in 16 measures! It doesn't hurt that we share the same birthday! 

Anyway, I chose HUMOR AND HUMORISTS for this year. I'm gonna post about humor (Captain Obvious checking in) and humorous writers, past and present! I finished last year, but I don't usually plan anything beyond breakfast, so this should be interesting. Besides, I'm not that funny; my parents were hilarious! I was the Straight Man to those two! I look forward to doing this with you. We've had a lot of fun together! 

Oh, and the hop-within-a-hop business drives me crazy. I get lost...



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I am passionate about music, and yet, it is a good thing I have a good ear, because I was pretty lazy throughout music school. Yet, playing has never ceased to be fun for me, nor has it become a chore; it is one of those things that makes me feel alive! I am a picky writer, but not necessarily gifted, or disciplined as such. Any discipline I bring to anything is a holdover from my music. I game as a hobby and am horrible at it. But I do lead a Clan of people who are awesome players in Runescape. They continually bless my grave when I die horribly and put up with my shennanigans; I'm there for comedy relief and to instill order. I have epiphanies once in a while, but they usually involve ancient alien life forms, or occur when my sugar has bottomed out. I'm pretty sure I've had just about all the epiphanies I'm going to have, but you never know; I'm still searching! xoxo

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