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I was with some friends who all have Galaxy S 3 phones and the 5 of us were talking about what we like about our phones then I started talking about my Nexus 4. They were surprised that I liked the Nexus 4 more than my old Galaxy S 3 (that I traded for a Nexus 4). As I was pulling the phone out of my pocked I managed to drop it face first. I was stunned knowing it was made of glass and scared to pick it up. Surprisingly, the phone had only a tiny dent on the corner. Now I am very careful when pulling the phone out of my pocket or using it at all. I recently purchased a case for it but I'm still lacking a screen protector.

2 years ago on Update: And It's Over! Giveaway: 10 Spigen Screen Protectors For The Nexus 4 And HTC One!


LG products are straight crap. They even managed to mess up the most recent nexus. All the bugs found and shit. I would buy a iPhone over a LG.

2 years, 1 month ago on LG Puts Cheeky Ad Up In Times Square, Tries To Overshadow Samsung


I'm always on wifi or a 4G network with unlimited data (Thanks to T-Mobile) so I never put a song on my phone directly only Cache songs but just in case, I still have the option to put songs on my 64GB MicroSD but have yet to do so.

2 years, 2 months ago on The Age Of Streaming Is Upon Us, Do You Still Store Music On Your Phone?


I don't think it will destroy traditional gaming. People will still buy the Xbox and Playstation brands because it has AAA exclusives many know and love BUT one thing you got wrong is that everything will be free to play. What they mean by Everything is free on Ouya is that everything will have a free DEMO if it isn't a free game already. This gives many developers ways to draw in the gamers. Once you play a demo and you like it... you want the entire game and thats when prices come in. The fact that it is open source (Due to the fact that its running on Googles Android OS) just gives developers more options for the games and the fact that a Ex COD developer has already jumped on board shows that the console has more potential than anything. They have been working with Nvidia to make sure that this Tegra 3 core will deliver high end console performance. I just think everyone should stop bad mouthing what it could do to ruin gaming till it actually comes out and attempts to deliver. Truth of the matter is... NOBODY knows what it will do till it actually does it.

2 years, 9 months ago on Editorial: OUYA Could Destroy Traditional Gaming, And That's Not A Good Thing