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For my part of the country, there is no adequate public transit, the jobs in my field are scarce since the economic crisis, and the house is in a location due to current job; and schools that accept special needs children with appropriate programs (also rare in my area).  I am considering a position that will increase my round trips from 20 miles at 15 minutes each way to 125 miles at 60 minutes each way.  It isn't a lot more money; but it will allow me to get the experience I need to advance in my field and get the creditials I need to get a better job closer to home.  Moving would be stupid because we would take a huge loss due to the flat housing situation and my wife would still have to commute. This isn't a lifestyle choice, its a necessity.  I'd spend just as much time and money going back to school to get another degree to get a possibility of a closer job with no guarantees.  I could stay were I am at, but then if and when the business is sold, I'd be out without the credentials to get another job.  In the tech sector, you're only as good as your last assignment or company; but to get good assignments or companies you have to be willing to travel or commute.  Not every company lets you tellecommute and far less than most outside of the industry know about.  Simply put, many folks in my area, in my age range, and in my field either work for small companies that are hear today gone tomorrow but close to home or large companies with good careers; but must commute long distances.

2 years, 9 months ago on Your Long Commute May Cost You More Than Time and Money