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Back in Everquest I was a member of a guild, it was a good group of folks but the majority of them were planning to play EQ2, and I wanted to play wow. I had another group of friends who were running a server and playing a weekly scripted game of D&D via Neverwinter Nights. A good number of those folk were looking to play wow as well. So we took some from the EQ side, and some from the D&D side and we had a guild!


Our name Amicus Fidelis, was taken from the EQ guild name. It was Amicus Aeternus, or friends forever. Our name means Faithful Friends. 


We were formed the day WoW started,  almost all of the founding members had stopped playing wow, or gave up gaming altogether.However  we got lucky and met some really awesome people. We rebounded and grew into a pretty large guild for a while. Now we are kind of a guild without a home, not many play WoW and most are looking for the next big game. 

2 years, 9 months ago on How Did Your Guild Start?