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The NCAA already knows Penn State has the judges hanging on and dangling from their coat tails, anticipating crumbs fallen from that cookie, that Penn State, no doubt, hid in it's pocket. 


In another example of a cover up in Penn State Administration's past practices: Prior to January 1999, a Penn State Undergraduate student who was in a health field major, agreed as a gesture of goodwill to take several photos of children on their last day in the Head Start program, responding to the request of a child's guardian, who happened to be present. Agency staff assisted in this---by all the kids up for several group photos. The roll of film was not developed for several months, for no other reason than the entire roll of film was not yet finished. According the the Freeh Investigation, at precisely the same time the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare became aware of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, Penn State, chose to severely sanction the student, for reasons that appear to be related to THEIR not putting the state mandatory Act 34 childcare clearances in place, and made the allegation that the student "had taken inappropriate pictures of children", and said the student "committed a serious confidentiality violation", therefore, Penn State may have became in compliance, having found themselves a reportable incident. Consequently, Penn State deemed it fitting to terminate the student in her degree program, and Penn State, shortly afterwards, also very manipulatively terminated her in her full-time employment of seven years - because she continued to fight an incredible cover up, a great injustice.  After receiving assistance and legal advice from Penn State's student legal advocate, Jose Texidor, this student "inappropriately" contacted University President Graham Spanier requesting his help.  In January 1999, President Spanier, according to the Freeh Investigative Committee Report, was busy working on Jerry Sandusky's retirement package, and what he said to the victimized student was simply that he was not in a position to help (the student). When it comes to NCAA SANCTIONS, although some may think it may be nice if they were able to help Penn State out a little, HARSH TREATMENT may become something Penn State will know all too well this fall, and if so harsh that the die-hard loyal, deaf, dumb and blind Nittany Lions are left standing there bleeding, will they still be claiming they are bleeding bue and white?

2 years, 9 months ago on The NCAA Is About To Make A Big Mistake With Penn State