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I really, really, really really, really, really want to see Sven Nys race there.  Oh wait - he is!!!

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I think I may also suffer from this addiction.  My mountain bike is twenty years old and I sold my road bike (just add road wheels to my Stevens.)  On the other hand, I own three cyclocross bikes, two of them under 17 lbs.  Someone please help me.

2 years ago on You Might by a Cyclocrosser If … A Column by Lee Waldman


Lee, I couldn't agree with you more.  Out here in Wisconsin we have had cat 4 in 35+, 45+, AND 55+ for several years.  I'm all for getting new racers into the sport but, like you, I think that it should be motivation enough not to be last during your first races.  If it were me, I would feel pretty defeated if it were my first race and I got last in a cat 4 race, but not so humbled getting last in an open race against the best.


By the way, I used to race for Colorado Velo (Denver Spoke) back in the 80's. One of the proudest moments of my life was breaking away with either you or one of your teammates during the road race at the Steamboat Springs stage race. To be anywhere near anyone on your dominating team was accomplishment enough for me!  

2 years, 9 months ago on Not Taking the Easy Way Out: A Column By Lee Waldman