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Funny - I have this crazy notion that when I pay my taxes, I am supposed to get goods and services in return.  Government is not SUPPOSED to do things for me?  Hilarious!  That is the whole point of government.

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And I found great meaning in the Harry Potter series. But I don't go around saying that magic is real, or that Hermione actually exists because I found her character numinous.

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You are trying to conflate small natural variations with the manhandling of global temperatures caused by increases in atmospheric CO2.  CO2 effects overwhelm these smaller variations.  The ONLY reason we are not still in an ice age is because of the rise of CO2 starting with the beginnings of agriculture 10,000 years ago.  In the mid 19th century, the industrial revolution dramatically increased CO2 production, and we are now 0.8C higher than then.

According to you :

": there's no need for a solution to climate change; the very idea is somewhat silly;"

which is absurd.  You do not understand even the basics of the AGW issue if you can believe such a thing.

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@PeterAustin Peter thinks the fact that the Earth is warming at the same time the "little Ice Age" is 'ending' is just a coincidence. Well, Peter, perhaps you might enlighten us on by telling us which natural factors, unrelated to human activity, caused the "little Ice Age" to end?

Hint:  It would have to be pretty dramatic, as the Earth has been steadily getting colder for hundreds of millions of years until just about five seconds ago (relatively speaking, in geological time)

PS - don't forget to explain to us how the Greenhouse effect is invalid, otherwise, we might reasonably conclude that the laws of physics actually apply here on Earth, and all the CO2 we have released into the atmosphere explains why the temperatures have been rising ever since agriculture (which releases CO2 into the air) was invented.

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They are further away because there are now 30,000 varieties of Christianity alone.  All because of Christian theologians.

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Read the whole quote?  That makes it worse!

  This is a Pakistani-American, talking about how he is justified in deliberately killing American children to avenge the deaths of people on the other side of the world.  People he is not related to. Not his family.  People he did not know personally.  People he never met.  People whose face he has never seen.  People he most likely could not speak to even if they were face to face because they don't share a language.  The ONLY thing they have in common is Islam.  

They don't even have the experience of enduring an occupation in common.  This asshole has never seen a drone, he never suffered a personal loss.  He did this because he is a Muslim and in defense of Islam.These are Muslim terrorists blowing up children because they are solidarity with Muslims.  Religion is the only common ground between these people, it is their motivation, it is their source of murderous justification, it is their way of life.

And THIS is how he justifies blowing up children deliberately.  And you, evidently,  accept Greenwald's pathetic argument  at face value as if religion was not the issue?  Unbelievable.

And here you are self-righteously chiding me as if I don't have enough compassion for the "motivation" of this guy.  You are disappointed.  Well,  fuck you.

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" It's a war, and in war, they kill people. They're killing all Muslims"

A Muslim terrorist admits he was deliberately killing innocent children because a Muslim in a different country than the the one he lives in was suffered some ill.  And Glenn Greenwald, with this highlighted example,  would have us believe that Islamic terrorism is about occupation, not religion?!?

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The OP:


<blockquote>"...we’re talking about the unprovable; it is impossible to prove a god exists..."</blockquote>


No, it is easy to prove a god exists - simply show him to us.  Simply show us the tiniest wafer-thin incontrovertible evidence that your proposition - that there is, indeed, a god -  is defensible. It is, after all, the responsibility of the claimant - in the face of the 10,000+ non existent gods that mankind has imagined - to offer evidence for this positive claim, not the responsibility of the atheist to disprove the proposition.


What is "unprovable" is to show that a god exists <i>without evidence</i>. Without evidence, without a god-shaped hole in our understanding of the universe, without a definition of god which is either coherent or not disproved by the problem of evil,  the claim that there is a god is defeated. According to every other standard of logic and scientific method with which we measure our lives, god is disproven.

2 years, 9 months ago on It Doesn’t Matter If God Exists