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It's all part of a master plan to bring in his former teammate Evander Kane. ;)

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LOL... TSN's headline for this game.....


1 year, 3 months ago on Rangers 7, Maple Leafs 1


Wow, when you see the names of those 4 lines, no wonder we are in trouble right now. With the exception of Richards, there is absolutely no face to this team whatsoever right now due to the injuries. Even with an injury-free roster right now.... meh.... 

I see a soft team unwilling (and largely unable) to stand up for teammates. 

I see a proven offensive system being used on a team largely incapable of supplying the required offense to make it work.

I see a great group of defensive defensemen being asked to be offensive defensemen to make the system work-- it isn't. 

I see yet another season where do not have a hard shooting defenseman.... hell even a hard shooting forward. And then wonder why we have a poor PP. Montreal figured this out 50 years ago and always employs multiple hard shooters.

I see a repeat of last year's placing in the standings. No more, no less. Ditto for the post season.

I see a goaltender watching the highlights reels of other clubs, trying to decide where he should play in February after the blockbuster rebuilding trade that will happen.

I hope I'm wrong on all of these points, but I just don't have a good feeling about things going forward.

1 year, 6 months ago on Pyatt to First Line; Kreider Coming Soon?


Thank you Nasim Kadri :)

1 year, 7 months ago on Stepan to LIkely Miss Start of Camp


NYC too big for him?..... not a chance..... he just doesn't want to be a shot blocking machine for Torts.

2 years, 9 months ago on Rangers Were Involved In Shea Weber Talks | July