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 @tmlight I don't think Philip would listen to ideas from others, good or bad. He's a visionary, tmlight. "Defending" SL is a canny move for him now, as he puts his toes into the California sand under some big ocean-side tent, while he and a bunch of Coffee and Power "workers" roll out the solar panels and plot the Next Big Thing.  It's the Steve Jobs school of management: the customer knows nothing but they'll buy anything you sell. But LL is not Apple. And Mr. Rosedale is still on the LL Board, I do believe.


Comparing Apple apples and LL oranges is old hat, but I still think the analogy holds. We don't need either product (says a die-hard Mac OS user) because alternatives that cost less are available. But Apple kept up its innovation and sleek design. This is also why I drive a Mini Cooper S and not another well designed small car with good performance, such as a Mazda 3 or Golf GTI. It's about the design, marketing, and attitude.


Unlike Apple or Mini, SL does not offer technical innovation or great visual appeal. It does offer is a unique and well populated virtual world with legacy code the owners cannot change too much, or the economy will break.  Now LL's Woz, Cory, has funded a rival world. Jobs, rest his venal soul, should be glad that his Woz decided he preferred hosting concerts instead of starting an Apple rival.

2 years, 9 months ago on Philip Rosedale: The Media Is Wrong, SecondLife Didn’t Fail