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I would be surprised if the linden lab development team did not ever use sub-contractors.  Instead of driving the best viewer out there out of business due to a secruity breach by an employee due to software development practices (division of duties, etc), they probably had similar issues in their own development from the quality I observed at the time.  Why not purchase the business or subcontract?  


A true leader would sell it to the board and stakeholders as better business through happier users (over 50% of the people don't like the linden viewer, and the rest need to use multiple ones based on what they are doing (like me).  A company that does not adapt to better solutions and ideas due to fear of facing the board or stakeholders will never be great.  And in no way is it a reflection on the developers.  Their viewer at the time was functional.


So instead lets keep the users disheartened on it all, make it harder for the 3rd party developers, and use valuable linden resources on it that could be fixing some of the other problems in the business.  


I am not suggesting that they take all the viewers out there.  Just take one or two and subcontract to get a better quality result, reassign linden resources and get happier clients.  What's wrong with partnering with a supplier?


And I never suggested doing anything from scatch.  Maybe this isn't the right decision because too much time has gone by.   But failure to do the right thing for the business due to pride or feeling that it is a bad reflection on developers (which it is defiantly not -- it is a failure of the process, not the developers) will continue to get the lindens into trouble.  It's crazy, isn't it.  I wish someone would pound some sense into these guys because so many love SL and they are letting the future just slip on by.  I'm not suggesting it won't be good - it just will never be great again until the leaders become real leaders and do the right thing by their users.

2 years, 7 months ago on Philip Rosedale: The Media Is Wrong, SecondLife Didn’t Fail


 @PDMacGuire It still boggles my mind why they don't get out of the viewer business.  Is it greed?  They are not good at it.   My bet is that the actual platform is good, and they have a lot of new LSL functions.  But how their database/server/communications technology is heirloom so maybe that makes it all that way.  I agree with the rest.  It's so sad.

2 years, 8 months ago on Philip Rosedale: The Media Is Wrong, SecondLife Didn’t Fail


 @iggyono I agree they are all visionaries and I have great respect for them but each made a HUGE mistake that transcends all others.  Jobs said he waited too long for his treatment - that was pretty darn big.  The huge single one for the Lindens was destroying the economy for the majority of their clients in the hopes that by prioritizing big business they would gain more clients and more revenue.   Economics 101 would have helped them so much on that one.  Apple never betrayed a huge group of loyal clients in favor of 4 big ones.    I know this is not Philip's fault but all the beach sitting in the world and tons of visionary goodness can't make up for one huge mistake.  The only reason the linden has a rival is so many of us want the world that they stole from us back - where there was some economic fairness.  Many of us would live with just about everything else like we did before - the performance, the dark side and more.  Sorry Apple never betrayed the majority of their client base as far as I know.  The one time they did make a mistake by pricing one item too high, they at least tried to make some of it right again for their clients.  It's sad so many corporations get so successful they no longer care who helped them get there.  Maybe they can repeat it again but let's hope they don't until they learn at least something from the past.  I don't want to see so many people hurt again.  I trust Apple by the way.  It was a good comment though.  Thank you.  

2 years, 8 months ago on Philip Rosedale: The Media Is Wrong, SecondLife Didn’t Fail


Sigh.  I wish I could have a personal conversation with Philip.  Second Life might be all the things said - a success, too early, etc.  However, it is still the largest missed opportunity in my own personal experience due to some poor strategic decisions following all the SOS protests when they started to meddle with the economy.  It only takes one decision to cause a snow ball effect.    I can't really internalize the rationale for the following strategic decisions:


1)giving substantial tier discounts to selective large business clients forcing small businesses out or to downsize because they could no longer competitively rent to residents or shop owners.  Don't they teach those  MBAs the importance of  small business?  

2) Competing with their clients through homes and the marketplace, and more.  What do they teach about competing with your own clients?  

3) Not offering 64 meter prims or giving everyone a set when they turned off the export?  Does management even realize what they did when builders couldn't be the creator of their own content, and some things were not possible with only 10 meter prims?  That was huge.  I had to go to InWorldz to do all my building, and then recreate the larger ones in SL!

4) More left because they favored the dark side of SL making it easy for people to obtain alts and illegal to detect them, and more.  All they probably needed to do was to charge for an alt to cut down on some of this.

5) And enough others go on about performance and support but we were willing to put up with some of that, and many still are.  It has gotten better.


 For every client the lindens lose, a new one has to be gained.  I still have a fairly successful live Music venue in Second Life even though i've been forced to reduce the number of regions down to two due to the above.  I would love to see the leadership turn Second Life around and make it great.   I’d love also love to help if they'd even listen to me.  It would be hard because trust is hard to regain.  Even if Second Life is too early, perhaps it is not too late!  Contact me please!  I can help!  Smiles.



2 years, 8 months ago on Philip Rosedale: The Media Is Wrong, SecondLife Didn’t Fail