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I fully agree with this.  I haven't been able to find a legit pair of women's winter hiking boots because they've all got faux fur sticking out from them, or they're pink or purple.  And they're not nearly as insulated as men's winter boots, which especially irks me because women tend to get colder.

With this in mind, I do have a beef with Outside because all the gear guides show awesome men's gear (and lots of it), and a very small showing of women's gear, and mostly the descriptions are about how "cute" it is.  Outside - I expect more from you and hopefully this article indicates a change is coming to future gear guides.

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Sounds like a useful product!  These would be great for storing dry goods, like flour, oats, or rice.  Or perfect for keeping cookies, brownies, and other baked goods fresh (the old plastic container I use for cookies really needs to be replaced...)

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I think we have such a consumer-driven society anyways and so many people who don't recycle (or don't know what is recyclable) that getting those people to put recyclables in the recycling is a good first step.  If this can be done through an incentive program, great.  If through recycling laws and enforcement, great.  I lived in Las Vegas for a few years and got annoyed every trash day when my neighbor had 2 overflowing trash cans (twice per week!) and I could see they were filled with recyclables.  And they NEVER put out recycling.  The way I see it, these people are more the norm than me/us, so encouraging them to recycle is more realistic than encouraging them to reduce consumption of single-use items.  That can come later with more understanding of what happens to recyclables (i.e. in Las Vegas recycling actually cost the trash company money since the city is so far from any company that would buy the recycled material).

No, we shouldn't need rewards for people to do the right thing.  But I'm sure there are many citizens who would not want the government telling them what types of plastic they can and can't buy, or what type of materials companies can and can't use.  In this case, rewards are definitely more palatable to the majority of people.

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This is hard advice to follow and admittedly doesn't always work, but the more I scratch moquito bites, the more they itch, especially in the beginning.  If I can ignore them, they stop itching and go away much faster.  So if the banana peel works, do that and resist scratching them!!

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I think the easiest tip I have is to reduce what you actually NEED for your personal care routine.  I found a great bar soap with oatmeal made by Sappo Hill (and available at Whole Foods) - zero packaging, only a long cardboard box for the display shelf and a small barcode sticker on each bar.  I use this for my face instead of facewash (in a plastic tube), so no more facewash tube or extra expense.  It's amazing how many personal care produts there are, especially for women, that aren't really necessary!

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I have an Oster blender - I think it's a recent model (got it off Freecycle when my older from-Freecycle Oster blender stopped blending well).  It has a glass pitcher, and there is also no plastic on the bottom to come in contact with food.  The blade is on a round base, and gets inserted into the glass jar with a rubber gasket (I assume this is actually rubber) between the blade and the pitcher.  Then there is a plastic base that screws onto the pitcher, and of course the blender base is plastic, and so is the pitcher lid.  But for something that was free I can't really complain!  Just wanted to let you know that there are other less-plastic-in-your-food options!  And I keep a kosher home so it's nice that I can have multiple blades/gaskets to use whether I'm making something dairy or non-dairy.

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Definitely want to enter this giveaway - the lotions sound awesome and I'd love either or both of them.  This week I'll be giving my sister boxes to use in an upcoming move.  The boxes are all from Freecycle or rescued from a cardboard recycling dumpster.  It's nice to save resources and money at the same time!

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Thanks for posting this.  I don't frequent Starbucks but go there periodically and had more importantly bought many gift cards for others from Starbucks.  I'll definitely be writing to them now.  I have been into a few non-name brand coffee shops and cafes where I order an iced coffee in my reusable mug and they make it in a disposable and tell me I can pour it into my mug if I want.  They don't tell me this upfront when I hand them the mug so I can't stop it - incredibly frustrating!  I wonder why they think I want the drink in a reusable mug in the first place?

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