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I have to say as someone who has been pretty connected with the Israeli VC community in the last 12 months or so as an entrepreneur, that it doesn't feel like the country is in a slump. I think that maybe because the 'valley' VCs have a much greater pool of companies that they have access to, that they find the bigger opportunities quicker and have a deeper understanding of ecosystems as they are living them on a more real basis. I think this pool size is probably what spurs the more opportunistic 'tomato' approach. But as with the country, Israeli VC's are growing and becoming more sophisticated. Perhaps the slowdown in growth is one of the affects of that. More sophisticated investment and less opportunistic. Im sure that players such as Index coming into the market so heavily is forcing Israel to raise its game.

2 years, 9 months ago on Investment in Israeli Startups Falls 20% This Year — Can We Finally Admit There Is a Problem?