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Okay so, first just nitpicking: 


Evans (is now a forward) and Salmons are small forwards, which are NOT guards. Point guards are not the same as shooting guards, some forwards can play guard positions. Any position player could be considered a guard with that logic. You need more than one at each position. so the depth chart in those 3 (not one position) is as follows:



1. Thomas

2. Brooks

3. Fredette



1. Thornton

2. Garcia



1. Evans

2. Salmons


Garcia is long enough to play SF, Salmons can play the SG position with the right matchup defensively, and Evans can play all 3 positions. 



You're worried about chemistry, and that is something to worry about agreed. But you're misreading what you should be worried about. Essentially it's this: 


This is Cousins' team. Most of the offensive plays need to be run through him, inside out with Thornton available to create his own shots. Isiah is the best spot shooter by percentage (based on his numbers as a starter) in the starting rotation. Evans has not adapted (as of last season) to a role without the ball. He doesn't shoot well enough to play the position he's being asked to play, and he's not an above the rim player. When Evans has the ball he dominates it for the entire possession and is not very good at creating opportunities for his teammates.  What you'll see is him driving to the basket, the other team packs the paint immediately, and he doesn't kick out and is whistled for a charge.


The small forward position with the offense they're trying to establish needs to be filled by a defensive minded player with long arms and can cover (or do a decent job covering) the other team's best player.  One who can either consistently hit an open spot shot, or clean up a rebound with a huge dunk, and doesn't demand the ball.


Back to your issue with Brooks. He actually fills a position of need. He comes off the bench, can light it up in a hurry and has proved he can distribute the ball and run a playoff caliber team's offense. He had one down year after the elevation of Kyle Lowry, then he lit it up overseas when he was locked into that contract with a team in China. I know it was China, but not only were his numbers excellent... he had no choice but to stay there after he signed the contract during the work stoppage.


Jimmer has no confidence in his jumper and cannot handle the ball well enough to create his own shot in the NBA. What the Kings have now is two very fast, playmaking pointguards and this makes me happy. They need to do something about the small forward position, unless somehow Tyreke has made a commitment to defensive stopping, or fixed his jumpshooting (like we're told he has every offseason). Cousins is only going to get better this season, and we can only hope that Thomas Robinson looks better than he has this Summer league (ugh...) because JT doesn't cut it. Hustle can only take you so far.

2 years, 9 months ago on King sign Aaron Brooks to a 2 year deal reportedly worth 3 million a year | July