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There are plenty of sexy nursing bras on the market. Check out Hot Milk, You Lingerie!, or Cake Lingerie. Laws were put on the books to protect breastfeeding mothers because they had to make an exception to when and where boobs could be seen in public (topless and nude dancing ordinances). For years, and even decades, women were breastfeeding in public without any problem. It's sad that we've trained the public to view the female breast as only an object of male (heterosexual) pleasure---not just sexual pleasure. Victoria's Secret is all about wearing lingerie that appeals to the male gaze, so its hard to see how a nursing bra would fit into that equation. Maybe we need to look at it as a health issue: better for baby, yes; but also improves the health of women (reducing breast cancer). Imagine images of breastfeeding mothers as part of such a campaign, instead of "save the boobies," "tatas," and "second base" sexist marketing efforts.

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Thanks for the wonderful review of my book. I couldn't agree with more that the book is due for updates.  So much has changed in the bra industry, with breastfeeding, and in breast health. Look for news of a new revised edition coming soon. Best, e.

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Great post! It's important that parents (both mom & dad) help "train" teen brains to feel good about their bodies; not have daughters learn to train their breasts to feel uncomfortable in a bra. Thanks for the post, Linda!

2 years, 9 months ago on Braducation tips: what's a "normal" cup size for teens?