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"Pinkel looks like a guy that doesn't want to be there and doesn't trust the media"....  Compared to his first several years in Columbia he is a complete Teddy Bear with the media now.  Dig up some old footage of interviews from his early years and you will see a lot of short, one line, how dare you ask me such a stupid question type answers.  Intensity does not even begin to describe him.

2 years, 9 months ago on Missouri's Pinkel At The Podium - 7/17/12


No one pronounces Missouri the way it is spelled.  The word ends with the short vowel i, which does not make either "ee" or "ah", it would be more of an "ih" sound - but Missour"ih" sounds really bad.  As to why people pronounce it different  - who knows?   I personally use both on occaision - but being a Mizzou alum I lean toward the "ah", because that's how the cheer in the fight sound goes  Mizzou-Rah!  

2 years, 9 months ago on SEC Commissioner Slive At The Podium – 7/17/12