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 @blamer Soul teaching? Couldn't agree more. It just comforts me to beleive in it. There's no facts as with any religion. That's a nice thing of being born today. One can pick and choose among the glossy brochures which religion suites one self best, or create ones own if nothing really fits. To me the thought of god (or gods) being vain like a North Korean leader wasn't appealing, but we're all different. I'll leave the door open for a universe creator (or creators like a supernerd team with the souls of Einstein, Schrödinger, Bose, Hocquenhem, Bohr, Tranströmer and others :).

2 years, 9 months ago on Could A God Prove Its Existence?


 @blamer "Doubting is something brains do." My point is if there were a super power present such as a single almighty god who has created universe, all matter and living beings in it, surely he could make sure there were no doubt if he wanted to. Then we would not need to spend so much time debating and discussing the matter, but we could just go on with our lives doing other stuff.


I sometimes believe that the day we gave up listening to our hearts and instead had to look in a cook book for how we should behave, something bad happened. Fact is that people spend a lot of time looking for loopholes in the teaching to justify weird behaviours. If god gave us a brain and a heart we ought to use them together. Fighting over religous statements in a book instead of looking into our hearts has never been constructive. There has been civil wars among christians as well as among muslims about which interpretion of their books is the best. That's just plain sad and depressing. And very destructive.


Normally I try to let people live with their faith. Faith can be a saviour in difficult times and one should not strive to make people lost. Still it's fun to discuss among insterested people. I give some thoughs and I pick up some. Some toughts I incorporate in my own personal religion.


I have one question that really puzzles me. It is a hard fact that if one works or makes a fire (of any kind) on the sabbath, one should be killed. Instantly and without hesitation. It's written in bible 1 and every person that has bible 1 as base ought to follow this direction even though it's hard or one thinks it's not nice. It's there. Luckily I hear of very few people that has been killed for having violated this hard fact rule. How is it possible to leap over such a statement and follow others and still claim to follow a religion?


I think that anyone who cross out certain statements in the bibles are creating their own religion. And then the fight begins between those who have crossed out different things... For me starting with a blank paper and listening to my heart and brain makes more sense. Still I like to have some kind of faith because it stills my sole and adds some magic to my life. Being atheist was a too hard way to walk, for me.

2 years, 9 months ago on Could A God Prove Its Existence?


Hi! I'm an agnostic that has left monoteism for good after having read the bibles (well most parts of it anyway). Now I've approached a more nature oriented self made pragmatic religion. E.g. if more people believed in recycling of the soul, perhaps they would stop litter the world in the same manner as with the one-life-believe?


I'd like to make four notes:


1) According to Bible I there exists actually more than one god. You are just talking about the possibility of just ONE god. Why? Ok, this particular god is extremly vain and jellous and wants all worship for himself. He is also tempered like a five year old in a store and is uneager to forgive or forget. But still in the Bible I there actually exists competing gods, just not mentioned so much.


2) The god in Bible II is nothing like that, and hence it is not the same god we're talking about. Unless he attended a peace and love festival and completely changed his mind about everything. Well, the new god also wants total blind faith from his people. Other people can go to hell. But in all other aspects, they are completely different.


3) If there were almighty gods as described either in Bible I or II, there would not be ANY doubt at all that he existed. I mean, if Superman actually existed, we'd all KNOW. Why would he go and hide and play this elusive game? There's just no point in it if the super vain gods in Bible I and II actually exists.


4) If we stick with the one-god-beliefe and god made man to worship him, why all this tons of extra stuff in universe? Why on earth would he create 100 billion galaxies, with god knows how many stars in each? Ok, he might have installed some vaste bins by introducing black holes to make the universe clean itself up somewhat. But there's not just way too much stuff in the universe, there's too much strange stuff on our planet too. Like oil. Why would a god create huge pockets of oil under just some countries? Jesus never mentioned anything about this. Then we have these mountains seemingly created by colliding continents, but this is also omitted in the Bibles. Ok, maybe not so important, but anyway one wonders why a god would create all this extra illusive stuff which really has no point when it comes to just creating the human race to worship him after he was bored by looking at nature for a day.

2 years, 9 months ago on Could A God Prove Its Existence?