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When is Pando doing its first conference? And adding courses? And special blogging areas for people who aren't paid? 

2 years, 1 month ago on Four big takeaways from Pew’s “State of the Media” report


"There have been plenty of small exits — or “tomatoes” as famed Israeli angel investor Yossi Vardi calls them. He encourages entrepreneurs he mentors to be like a gardener growing interesting ideas and features — a la tomatoes — and then sell them to a player like Google or AOL who can bring them to market."


Small exits are what Israelis focus on. It means they don't have to move to the US, they get enough money and they get to go back and build another company. As pointed out, the amount needed to fund a "tomato" exit isn't VC money - it's seed. So it's logical that the amount of funding in Israel would go down - and continue to do so as it takes less and less to start a company, bring it to fruition, test product, build and exit early. 


I'm left wondering if seed capital has gone up? (Fairly positive it has) and if exits have gone up (while I haven't formally checked it - I think they have as well.)


This may not be a problem, as it is simply a changing ecosystem that is more efficient for a smaller investor. 


My 2 cents. 



2 years, 9 months ago on Investment in Israeli Startups Falls 20% This Year — Can We Finally Admit There Is a Problem?