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We are talking about the obstacles you mentioned and many others for the last 3 years. It's not a secret. Money become an issue back then and the only thing that didn't change is the vibrant entrepreneurs. I think you forgot another major factor, the LP's changed their strategy, they don't rush any more to invest in the local funds,. Yes their poor returns helped, but it's not the whole story. India and China attracts LPs better these days. The fact  that the local funds are smaller then ever, didn't help either.

Don't RIP the Israeli hi tech yet, Anobit ans XtremIO (aquired by apple and EMC accordingly ) did great returns and even a homerun to Giza venturs.

JVP, ans Sequia doing remarkably well,

If Pitango, Carmel, Genesis, Giza, Gemini and Vertex will manage somehow to raise new funds, the gloomy clouds will disappear. Israel is a tiny winy place and If we'll survive the inner conflicts Israel will continue to bring great tech companies to the world.. 

2 years, 9 months ago on Investment in Israeli Startups Falls 20% This Year — Can We Finally Admit There Is a Problem?