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Arsenio Hall Late Night is Cancelled | N'DIGO

"The struggle with bookings was perplexing to the “Arsenio Hall” team. The show had ratings comparable to other late night shows originally, like TBS’s “Conan.” Hall’s Manager/Executive Producer John Ferriter said, “My one regret was that we had many, many celebrities who told us they wanted to do the show, but we couldn’t get their reps to book them.”

THANK YOU, Pierre Andre Evans!

Often times our FAVORITE shows are canceled and we, the viewing audience, are left with our mouths hanging open wondering WHY. From this read, it sounds like a level of sabotage was happening, like the new Arsenio Hall Show might was never meant to run longer than 1 year. On the other side of that coin, I have to admit that I contributed to the shows low ratings. I tuned, in most of the time, to his original show. However, today I rarely watch television. I meet my needs through NETFLIX online and HULU, where whenever you're ready and have the time, a person can do marathons of their favorite shows, series, and movies. It's a different time and for me, my priorities have drastically changed. If the show becomes available, I will one day sit down and attempt a marathon of Arsenio's first season of his new show! Thanks again!

10 months, 1 week ago on Arsenio Hall Late Night is Cancelled