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Beware of Shareaholic, it takes over your links and turns them into their own affiliate links!!

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Useful post! Just one comment - links in tweets use up 22 characters, whether they're longer or shorter than 22 characters: So the length of the link doesn't impact the number of characters used for the link.

5 months ago on Why Increased Visibility on Twitter Is Just a Few Tweaks Away


Who would have thought that holding a mic is an art? But you're so right, and the tips you give here are really useful. I'll be sharing it with our lecturers closer to WordCamp Israel.

10 months ago on WordCamp Speakers.. let’s talk about mic control


From what I understand from people in the industry here in Israel, investors are now primarily looking for advanced-stage startups, and are no longer interested in early-stage companies. Startups must have a prototype, revenue, and proof-of-concept to even be in the game.


In any case, while it appears that VC investment is down overall in Israel, foreign direct investment is up - 106%. According to The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) World Investment Report 2012, investment in Israel totaled $11.37 billion in 2011, 106% more than in 2010 ( The Israeli startup scene is vibrant and exciting, but Israel is so much more than that. Israeli innovation extends far beyond tech startups (like in medicine - did you know that Israeli scientists are the first to have cured ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease symptoms in a patient? I know, not so relevant, but totally awesome), so in the bigger picture, the Israeli entrepreneurial spirit is alive and kicking.

2 years, 5 months ago on Investment in Israeli Startups Falls 20% This Year — Can We Finally Admit There Is a Problem?