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I will upgrade to iOS 6, sure. In the near future the Google Maps App appear. Then we have three worlds: Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze short cuts. ;)

2 years ago on Apple Didn’t Lose Its Way With iPhone 5 Maps


This a great article. I am not sure if Steve Jobs approve Apple Maps [ today has a notable fails] but is learning. Next purchase for Apple needs to be a Map Leader company to compare with the leaders : Google and Nokia. For Apple is a must to improve the use experience with Maps. Location is very important for all App ecosystem.

2 years, 1 month ago on Apple Didn’t Lose Its Way With iPhone 5 Maps


First at all Apple lose his leader an creative force: Steve Jobs. He lead in 10 years 5 revolutions. By far it's a huge achievement. But today he left a very integrated company with Tim Cook and all the team. We spect another "more collective" kind of revolution with the actual Team, sure. But let them time. Apple is still focus in the best experience and product not in "beat" the competence. Today the iPad and the iPhone are the golden standard.

2 years, 1 month ago on Yesterday Marked the Beginning of the End of Apple’s Dominance, Unless…


Regina Dugan former DARPA Director, now at Google [ Googlerola] as a Research Director is now the must powerful women inside Google. This bold move for Marisa is really a huge challenge for her, and a great opportunity  to raise the very old Yahoo. Yahoo is not social by far. Is not Web 2.0. And need a deep injection of innovation to many levels. Just wait and see. And Good Luck, Marisa Meyer.

2 years, 3 months ago on Why on Earth Did Marissa Mayer Say Yes to Yahoo?