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 @bgoldberg An HBR article defines the Glass Cliff  when women have a better chance of breaking through the Glass Ceiling when the organization faces a crisis. More women than men accept risky positions and they often end up on Glass Cliff.


Past (and present) examples of Glass Cliff situations are the female CEOs of Hewlett Packard, Lucent and Alcatel-Lucent, WHSMITH, Sunoco, Pepsi and Yahoo, all elected during tough times in previously male-led companies. Glass Cliff and Glass Ceiling are not seen in companies with a history of female leaders.


There were numerous men approached for this position that turned Yahoo down. They don't find the need to take the risk. 


I do find it incredible how your response can quickly go so personal. Are you so unsure of your opinion that putting me down makes you feel better?

2 years, 9 months ago on Why on Earth Did Marissa Mayer Say Yes to Yahoo?


This is a prime example of the "glass cliff".  


A glass cliff is a term coined by Prof Michelle Ryan and Prof Alex Haslam of University of Exeter, United Kingdom, in 2004.

Their research demonstrates that once women break through the glass ceiling and take on positions of leadership they often have experiences that are different from those of their male counterparts. More specifically, women are more likely to occupy positions that are precarious and thus have a higher risk of failure - either because they are appointed to lead organizational units that are in crisis or because they are not given the resources and support needed for success. 


She had to break away from Google. There was never a chance they would consider her for CEO. She has to take this risk in order to show she is CEO material.


2 years, 9 months ago on Why on Earth Did Marissa Mayer Say Yes to Yahoo?